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Trico Board Meeting Minutes


  1. NAME


    1. This association shall be known as Tri-County Junior Baseball Association, herein after referred to as TriCo or District.  TriCo is and shall be a non-profit organization.


    1. The purpose of TriCo is to assist and govern league members of Tri-County Junior Baseball Association.


      1. Provide game schedules.
      1. Organize post season tournaments to determine teams to represent TriCo in state tournament play.


      1. Provide information and verify primary insurance for all members.  Insurance needs to name Tricounty Junior Baseball and Junior Baseball of Oregon as additional insureds.


    1. Area representatives will vote on all matters concerning TriCo.


    1. The president will vote only to break a tie.
    1. Any number of representatives will constitute a quorum.


    1. A quorum must be present to vote or make changes regarding TriCo business.


    1. The officers of TriCo will consist of a three member executive board:  President, State Commissioner, and Secretary/Treasurer.  The executive board shall be nominated by the hosting league at the first meeting in September, and shall serve for a term of two consecutive years, with the majority approval of the area representatives.  The new board assumes its responsibilities immediately upon approval by the area representatives.  Those seeking these offices shall be present at the nominating meeting.  In the event the nomination is not approved, the hosting league shall open nominations from the floor.  Any member of the executive board can be removed with a majority vote.  Each league shall take a turn hosting TriCo board positions.  Rotation shall be in alphabetical order.  If a league passes on their turn to host the board members, the next league in alphabetical order becomes the host.  Certain circumstances may arise that create exceptions to this rule.


    1. The board will also consist of one area representative from each league.  Each league will elect their own area representative.
    1. All board positions will be voluntary except for the positions of Secretary/Treasurer and Webmaster.  The fee paid to the Secretary/Treasurer and Webmaster will be set by majority vote of the area representatives.


    1. Webmaster is a non-voting member of the board, and is a paid position.  The Webmaster will be responsible for maintaining TriCo’s website.  He/She will help individual leagues set up their links on the TriCo website.  He/She will also maintain all information including scorecard data on the website, ensuring timely updates.


    1. The president is to preside at all meetings of TriCo, and can vote only to break a tie.  He/she will represent the association on all business affairs and contracts.  He/she will prepare and/or oversee preparation of the TriCo game schedules for all participating teams.


    1. The secretary/treasurer will be responsible for depositing and disbursing all association funds, all signed by the president and designate.  He/she will take minutes at all TriCo meetings and distribute copies to board members and area representatives.  He/she will prepare information to be distributed to all coaches at the coach’s meeting, and collecting scorecards and maintaining necessary statistics provided from them.
    1. The state commissioner will attend state meetings and represent TriCo in all matters.  He/she will attend TriCo meetings and report events that took place at the state meetings.  He/she will collect all necessary paperwork needed for the state from area representatives and submit it as required.  He/She will ensure and enforce all Junior Baseball of Oregon rules.


    1. The area representatives will vote on all matters concerning TriCo.  They will present to the board copies of their league meeting minutes, or give a report to the board describing any pertinent events taking place in their respective leagues.

  1. RULES
    1. TriCo will use The National Federation of State High School’s rules, except as modified by the Junior Baseball Association of Oregon.


    1. If a pitcher has pitched more than the allotted number of innings, that game shall be forfeited.  That pitcher shall not be eligible to pitch for seven calendar days, and the number of innings that were over pitched will be added to the next game he/she pitches in.
    1. It shall be the responsibility of each coach to obtain birth certificates of each player on their roster, and it is the responsibility of each coach to verify the ages of each player on their roster.  Age verification of all current players and players that have left the team for various reasons during the season, must be kept by the league and presented when requested.  This rule also applies to district and state tournaments.  Players will play in their age and division level, unless they have special approval to play up.


    1. The board reserves the right to impose a monetary penalty and/or district game sanctions against associations that are not duly represented at mandatory Tricounty board meetings.
    1. Trico will follow all JBO rules in regards to field size.  If a team does not have the correct field size, then they have to play at the level their field size dictates; or they will have to make accommodations to play all away games; if that is the case, said team will still be responsible for coordinating and paying umpires for their “home games”.


    1. Each association must be aligned with one (1) high school boundary only.
    1. Any team movement must be approved by the board.  Individual teams and/or associations do not have the authority and may not contact other districts without the permission of the Trico Board.
    3. League scorebooks must be kept separate from all tournament games scorebooks.  An official roster must be kept attached to the league scorebook at all times.  Scorebooks must have the first name, last name and uniform number of each player for each game and these must correspond to the names and numbers on the official roster attached to the scorebook.  Teams with scorebooks that do not comply with these rules will not qualify for district and/or state tournaments.



    1. TriCo will act on and render a decision on purported violations of the rulebook.


    1. The decision of TriCo is final.
    1. In all cases of protest, a minimum filing fee of $25.00 shall be submitted to TriCo.  If the protest is upheld, the fee shall be refunded; otherwise it is to be retained by TriCo.


    1. A protest on a rule interpretation must be filed in writing within 48 hours of the end of the game, with the area representative.  No protest shall be allowed on a judgment call.


    1. Team evaluations will be held in all areas to determine the skill level of all players.  Final rosters, signed and approved by the area representatives, will be submitted to the TriCo board by the May meeting.  No roster will be accepted if it is not complete and signed by the area representative.


    1. An association fee, determined by the board, will be due to the secretary/treasurer no later than April 1st.  A fee per team, determined by the board, shall be collected and turned over to the secretary/treasurer no later than May 1st.  These fees will cover the operating expenses of the association, and cover all fees due to Junior Baseball Organization (JBO).
    1. The start of the season will be left to the discretion of the scheduling committee.  All games will start no later than 6:00 PM, and no game will start after 6:30 PM, unless mutually agreed upon by both coaches.  If a team is not ready to play 15 minutes after the agreed upon start time, the game is a forfeit.  All games are to be played on the dates and times specified in the league schedules unless field availability, school functions, or mutual agreement between coaches creates the need for rescheduling the game.  School functions which take a team roster below nine players is sufficient reason for rescheduling a game.  The coach of the affected team must give the other coach 24 hours notice.  With such notice, the opponent must agree to reschedule the game.  If the opposing coach was not given 24 hours notice, the game is a forfeit, and does not need to be rescheduled.  TriCo will follow state rules for game time limits and make-up procedures.


    1. It will be the responsibility of each league to determine the appropriate level of play for each team.  However, all teams will be reviewed prior to the half way point in the season to ensure proper placement was done.  TriCo reserves the right to move a team up or down as deemed necessary.  TriCo also reserves the right to determine district eligibility of any team so moved.  This is to ensure that teams play within their appropriate skill levels.
    1. All waivers need to be brought before TriCo board members for approval before submission to state.


    1. 51% of all players on a team must attend school within league boundaries.  Players must play in 50% of league games in order for the player to be eligible for the district tournament.  Players must play in 50% of league games in order for the player to be eligible for the state tournament.  The first two games of the district tournament, if qualified, count towards a player’s eligibility for the state tournament.  By submitting a roster, the coach and the league agree to participate in the district and state tournaments, if qualified, unless otherwise approved by the TriCounty Board. 


    1. All umpires should attend umpire clinics prior to the start of the season.  Umpires must be at least 12 years of age.  Umpires must be a minimum of two years older than the age they are umpiring.  There should be two umpires per game in the junior through cub levels, one adult or two youth umpires for midgets.  A coach, assistant coach, relatives of coaches or team members may only be umpires in last minute emergencies only and it must be mutually agreed upon by both coaches.  If an agreement is not made, the game must be rescheduled.




    1. If a player/coach is ejected by an official for unsportsmanlike conduct, the incident must be reported to the Area Representative, who will contact the District Representative, who in turn will contact the President of TriCounty, prior to the player’s/coach’s next contest.
    1. Ejected coaches must leave the contest immediately and shall not be allowed further contact with team members for the duration of the contest.  Ejected players must remain on the bench for the duration of that contest.


    1. It is the responsibility of the Association, via its Area Representative, to ensure that TriCo is notified and that the ejected player/coach is disallowed from participating in the next contest.  Players must attend the contest to serve the penalty.  If the player does not attend the next applicable contest, the suspension will continue to apply until the player has attended, and been benched for the entire contest.  Should an ejected player/coach participate at the next scheduled contest, that action would be considered use of an ineligible participant and result in forfeiture of that contest.  A second ejection for an unsportsmanlike act will result in a two (2) game suspension.  A third ejection for an unsportsmanlike act will result in disqualification from further participation in TriCounty Junior Baseball.
    1. Aggressive or inappropriate physical contact between individuals and/or an official is a gross act of unsportsmanlike conduct.  The offending player/coach is immediately ejected and is suspended for a minimum of two (2) contests.  Both associations, through their Area Representatives, shall notify TriCounty and the State Board within 48 hours of the end of the contest.


    1. A player/coach who has been ejected because of unsportsmanlike conduct may be subject to further disciplinary action by his/her Association, TriCounty, and/or the State Board.
    1. Any player/coach who is ejected from two (2) TriCounty and/or Junior Baseball sanctioned contests during a season will be ineligible to participate in the State Tournament.  If the Association of the ejected player/coach agrees that an ejection is unjustified, the Association may appeal in writing to TriCounty within 48 hours (2 days) of the end of the contest to have the ejection removed from the player’s/coach’s record for determining eligibility to participate in the State Tournament only.


    1. The player/coach must always serve the suspension required.

    1. Complaints about umpires will be handled between the two area representatives.


    1. The NO TOBACCO, ALCOHOL, OR DRUG USE rule will apply to all coaches and players during games, on the playing fields, or on the bench.
    1. The use of profanity by players, coaches, or spectators will not be tolerated.  Coaches will control their spectators.


    1. Failure of coaches, players, or spectators to comply with these rules of conduct will be considered sufficient cause for suspension from the Tri-County District.


    1. Cities, Area Reps, parks and recreation commissions, school districts, Tri-County Baseball Association, Junior Baseball Organization, team sponsors or their agents, representatives, or employees, are not liable for injury to a player that occurs in association play.  All leagues are responsible for purchasing insurance coverage.  Any player who misses games due to illness or injury authorized by a doctor, must also have a doctor’s release to begin playing again.


    1. Parents are responsible for the safety, care and supervision of their own children who are in attendance of practices and games, but not playing.


    1. It is the responsibility of each coach to make sure the information on both home and visiting scorecards are identical and that the scorecards are submitted to the district within 48 hours after the game.


    1. Each page will be completed with the following information:
      1. Number of innings pitched by each player, with each pitcher’s full name and uniform number opposite the innings pitched.


      1. The score of both teams.
      1. The date the game was scheduled and the date it was actually played (if different)


      1. Full name and uniform number of players ejected during the game.
      1. Full name and uniform number of players complying with the suspension rule during the game.


    1. The website will not allow a scorecard to be submitted if all information is not completed.
    1. Once received by the district, all scores and innings pitched are final.




    1. Areas wishing to host a district tournament must submit a bid in writing by the March TriCo meeting.  The board will make sure that the tournaments of various levels are rotated and their judgment and awarding of tournament sites is final.
    1. Each team entered in the District tournament shall be charged a fee payable by the teams’ league.  (Amount to be determined by the TriCo board.)  This fee will cover the expense of umpires, trophies, and associated costs.


    1. Tournament directors will have authorization to remove a coach from the game and require him or her to leave the field.  If he/she does not comply within five minutes, his or her team shall forfeit the game.  The tournament director(s) shall rule upon any protest during the tournament immediately.  The director(s) decision is final, and there is no appeal.
    1. All district tournament games will start by 6:00 PM, games may start any time earlier as is required by scheduling.  District games may be scheduled after 6:00 PM if the field has lights.


    1. No ties will be allowed in District championship games.  Extra full innings will be played until a winner is determined.  If game continues to a point where darkness becomes a concern.  The umpire shall pause the game, upon the completion of a full inning, and schedule its re-start at the next available time slot (preferably the next day, first game slot).  Game shall be continued, where it left off, until a winner is determined.
    1. Pitchers will enter all tournaments with 0 innings credited to them.  EXCEPTION:  Penalty for over pitching at the end of the season will be a one game ineligibility to pitch in the District Tournament, and over pitched innings will carry over to the next game pitched in the tournament.


    1. By submitting a roster to TriCounty and Junior Baseball of Oregon, teams submitting said rosters intend and agree to participate, if they qualify, in the District, sub-State, and State tournaments barring some unforeseen circumstance as in illness or injury.



Bylaws approved by unanimous motion on November 14, 2007.